Unit "HydraBrain"

The novel HydraBrain system developed in intensive cooperation between Wessel Hydraulik and Mozelt Magnetanlagen immensely facilitates installation and driving of a generator for the customer; in the process, fuel and thus money is saved and, as a consequence, impact on the environment is reduced.

Due to the electronic interaction of the generator with the novel and, as regards its efficiency, very good control valve - with integrated overpressure and overspeed safety device - the hydraulic system is less subjected to load when the magnet is switched off and the diesel engine has to produce less drive power. Conventional systems are always subjected to a high preload in the system and thus to an increased and unnecessary pressure level.

Further, it is now also possible to install HydraBrain without any problems in construction machines whose manufacturers do not offer any support for installation of such systems, be that due to missing information or non-available technical implementation. This solution makes it possible for dealers and operators to get all components from a single source. There are no longer different sources of supply, technical adjustment or adaptation - if possible at all - is no longer necessary.

More informations: In technical manual or product description.